Use Texting to Improve Communication for your Business

Create Flawless Customer Engagement on a Large Scale

Text Direct is a flexible, intuitive, and scalable solution allowing you to create flawless customer engagement on a large scale. With the ability to send personalized SMS messages securely and cost-effectively, Text Direct is the critical ingredient for modern businesses.

Simple Yet Powerful Tool that Enables you to Communicate Quickly and Effectively

With Text Direct, you can use a variety of messages and incentives to better engage with your customer base and find out exactly how they feel about your brand. With the ability to send personalized SMS messages securely and cost-effectively, Text Direct is the critical ingredient for modern businesses.

Sending & Tracking, Texts Couldn’t Be Easier

Text Direct is the most advanced text messaging platform around. Always online, seamless updates across all devices, and our built-in assistant lets you automate your text campaigns.

E-Commerce Marketing

Text Direct connects customers with targets through conversational messaging. We offer high-performing, low-cost digital interactions that help you to increase lead and revenue generation.

Conversational Messaging

Text Direct allows you to connect with customers on their own terms. Engage your customers in a new way while driving sales, building brand loyalty, and getting valuable product feedback.

Relationship Management

Save time, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction with TextDirect, a multi-channel mobile messaging solution that helps you manage your relationships from anywhere.

Customer Support

One of the most significant components of a successful customer experience is supporting your consumers when they need it the most at critical moments in their journey with your brand.

How it Works

Every customer interaction is an opportunity. With our text marketing services, create experiences that will make customers want to engage with your company again and again.

Collect Your Customer Information

The Text Direct API allows you to collect your customer information such as their name, email, and phone number from your website right into Text Direct via API.

Set Up Automatic Messaging

Set up is easy, and you can customize the message to pass along information about your business or organization so that you can connect with customers on a personal level.

Message Blast

Text Direct allows you to directly push out an SMS blast from our platform to all of your clients. This can be used for mass promotions, new member invites, and updating newsletters.

Use Texting to Improve Communication for your Business

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS (or text message) is an effective way of reaching customers on the specific channels they are using. Like email, it can be a great channel to reach your most loyal customers through personalized messages and reminders.

In a world where marketing messages are more and more intrusive, SMS marketing is a great way to communicate with people when they want to be reached. Text Direct offers a suite of automated SMS solutions so you can get the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Leverage SMS Marketing for Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Text Direct allows users to leverage SMS marketing for every stage of the customer journey. From automated text triggers – to personalized messages based on behavior, we help small, medium, and large-sized businesses scale their messaging efforts with tools that are integrated into their business.

Features for Maximum Engagement

Text Direct features are made for optimal engagement and can help you engage your audience with rich messaging in a way that’s never been possible before. 

Schedule Messages

Text Direct allows you to schedule messages so you don’t have to hit send on your phone at just the right time.

Shorten Links

Avoid creating long and unfamiliar URLs for your customers. Shorten your links to make them easier to share, and include your company name within the URL to increase deliverability and trust.

Click Tracking

Get a detailed list of all your link clicks, including the time of the click, browser, and device used, referrer, and location. Know what’s working so you can target specific audiences.

Learn about the powerful features of our SMS marketing platform

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